Welcome to Season 3 of the Meadiaville Listening Project. This season showcases the retired or retireing faculty and staff of Allegheny College and how they have interacted with the Meadville community throughout their lives and their careers. To better understand the complex relationships seen between these individuals and Allegheny College as a Liberal Arts institution, The New Education: How to Revolutionize the University to Prepare Students for a World In Flux  by Cathy Davidson was analyzed and applied to the interviews conducted in this project. 



The projects presented were created from all the things we believe should be viewed when taking a big look at Meadville community. Everything that will be shown in this project is created from students that currently attend Emily 376 community engagement communication arts class.



The Meadiaville Listening Project seeks to deepen one's understanding of the Meadville community through ethnographic research methodologies. The season three podcasts strive to complicate the narrative that exists between the Allegheny and Meadville communities. 



Who are we?

This season's podcasts and supplemental projects are brought to you by the class of Fall 2018 in coordination with retired Allegheny College faculty, and staff as well as Cathy Davidson's analytical text, The New Education: How to Revolutionize the University to Prepare Students for a World in Flux, in order to provide insight into a world of new technologies, transitioning educational systems, and community connections.

What is the Meadiaville Listening Project?

The Meadiaville Listening Project is the brainchild of Dr. Emily Yochim, a professor of Communication Arts at Allegheny College. This website encompasses the third season of the Meadiaville Listening Project, which consisted of sixteen Allegheny College students, three teaching assistants, and Dr. Yochim. The Meadiaville Listening Project is a result of Allegheny College course, Media Consumption 376. This course requires all students to complete many different texts and training methods, which were incorporated in order to build semi-educated ethnographers, writers, and podcast constructors out of 16 otherwise inexperienced students. With the skills developed through many weeks of study and practice, the Meadiaville Listening Project of fall 2018 has become an ethnographic exploration of the connections between retirees, their own communities within Allegheny and Meadville, and what this might say for the future of higher education.

What is our focus?

This season of the Meadiaville Listening Project focuses on those who are in the process of retiring from Allegheny College, what the Meadville community means to them as they navigate this transition, and what their thoughts are on the direction of higher education as they prepare to leave the Allegheny community. Through weeks of careful, ethnographic research, in-depth interviews, and podcast production, this seasons rendition of the Meadiaville Listening Project continues the tradition of creating meaningful connections between the students of Allegheny College and the community members they come in contact with every day. 



Made possible by the Meadville Community, Oral History in the Liberal Arts, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and Allegheny College Communication Arts Department.

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